Hall of Fame

Mets Rewind has created the first and only Mets Hall of Fame of its kind. This exclusive online Hall of Fame will allow team fans (and baseball fans) decide which Mets players and personnel should be recognized for their contribution(s) to team history.

Since the Mets Rewind Hall of Fame is being created more than one-half century into the franchise existence, we are going to jump start the process in a unique way.

The first ballot will have no names. What, you say? That’s right, no names. We are going to select the first player/manager/coach/owner, etc. through a write-in ballot.

Here’s how it will work: Select your top five choices in order of importance and submit your ballot. Each player from your ballot will be rated with one, two or three points. For example, if you submit:

1. Tom Seaver (5 points)
2. Joan Payson (4 points)
3. Gil Hodges (3 points)
4. Casey Stengel (2 points)
5. Mike Piazza (1 point)

Seaver would receive five points, Payson four, Hodges three, etc. So, remember, your first choice = five points, second choice = four points, etc. List your choices in order of importance to you.

Each ballot received will be added the total between now and May 31, 2019 at 11:59 p.m. The top five players/coaches/personnel with the most points will earn  induction in the Mets Rewind Hall of Fame will be announced on Saturday, June 1.

Once the first group of inductees is announced, Mets Rewind will use the first write-in ballot to add 10 pre-selected candidates to the list for the second group. As stated earlier, in the effort to jump start the process, Mets Rewind will continue with a monthly ballot from June-August 2019 and again from September-November 2019. By the end of this period, Mets Rewind will have 15 members in the online Hall of Fame. At that time, the induction process will be implemented annually.

This entire process, including selection and induction is only as successful to the extent of fan participation. With that said, we encourage you to submit your ballot today — and throughout the year — to help us make Mets history by inducting the first person in the Mets Rewind Hall of Fame.


Please write in five Mets (players/managers/front office) you think are most worthy of the first person to be inducted into the Mets Rewind Hall of Fame. List each person in order of importance (i.e. 1st selection is most important, etc.). Please include your name and email address (your information will not be shared or sold).