Link: Ryan remembers ’69, Seaver influence

Nolan Ryan had a short, albeit storied, tenure with the New York Mets. In an interview with Newsday, Ryan recalls the 1969 World Series championship year and the impact his teammate and fellow Hall of Fame pitcher Tom Seaver had on him, suggesting “it was Seaver’s leadership that helped set him on the course to 324 wins, seven no-hitters and 5,714 strikeouts over 27 seasons.”

“I would have liked to have had the opportunity to pitch an extended period of time with Tom. I give Tom a lot of credit for having an impact on my career. He was the first guy that I was around who was truly focused on his career and had goals and set out to achieve those goals. His work ethic and just being around and observing him had a very positive influence on me.’’

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