A Metsian Podcast

I appeared as a guest on A Metsian Podcast on Thursday night to talk about the current state of the Mets with Mets bloggers Sam Maxwell, Rich Sparago and Mike Lecolant.

In addition, we discussed Mets history by the numbers with a hearty discussion about the No. 25 and players throughout history who have worn the uniform number. Here’s are  supplement facts about the Mets and the No. 25:

  • 28 New York Mets players have worn the No. 25
  • More than once: Bobby Bonilla (1992-1995, 1999) … Larry Stahl (1967)
  • First: Frank Thomas (1962-1964) – franchise leader in HR (until 1975) and RBI (until 1970)
  • Last: Ricky Bones (2018)
  • Shortest: Gary Matthews Jr. (2002/3 days) … Bob Johnson (1967/5 days)
  • Longest: Ricky Bones (2012-2018)
  • Non-player: 1 – Ricky Bones (pitching coach)
  • Pitchers: 7
  • Fielders: 20
  • Favorite: Willie Montanez (1978-1979) … Led the Mets in games, hits, doubles, HR, RBI, total bases, intentional walks.
  • Infamous: Bobby Bonilla – He is on the Mets payroll through July 1, 2035 ($1,193,248.20).
  • Notorious: Kaz Matsui – He hit HRs in his first plate appearance in each of the 2004, 2005, and 2006 seasons. Matsui is the only Major League player to hit a home run in his first plate appearance of his first three seasons.
  • Interesting: Jay Payton, who played five seasons with the Mets, wore No. 25 for 28 days in September 1998 and No. 44 the remainder of his tenure in New York
  • More Interesting: Players in recent history connected with PED use that also wore No. 25 … Rafael Palmeiro, Barry Bonds, Jason Giambi, Carlos Delgado (#21 with Mets)

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