Link: The Mets’ Magical, Mystical Year

In celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the New York Mets first World Series title, the New York Times published a series of stories from the newspapers archives that tracks “how New York’s other team went from a bumbling franchise to World Series champions.”

Here was a group of players who stumbled all over the place in 1962, with fans who embraced them almost in defiance. A team that slowly improved in the years that followed, but only slowly. And yet a team that proceeded to figure it all out for one intensely memorable season.
It is not easy to explain, but 50 years later, it is worth revisiting. Time has taken its toll on this team; a half-dozen players who had significant roles have died, and others, including Tom Seaver, are now struggling with serious health issues. But what endures through all the bittersweetness is what they accomplished together. From the depths of the standings they soared right into space.

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