A Subway Series, a knee-buckling curve and two chokes

Making good on their second straight wild card call, the Mets took the National League flag in 2000 but lost a confrontational Fall Classic to the crosstown New York Yankees best recalled by Roger Clemens’ bizarre head games with Mike Piazza.

The team slumped at mid-decade but quickly saw a revival with genuine homegrown talent in David Wright and Jose Reyes, but suffered through a succession of collapses down the stretch that kept them out of the postseason. After 45 years at Shea Stadium, the Mets finally christened a new home in 2009 with Citi Field.


The New York Mets recorded 767 wins and 786 losses in 1,553 regular season games played. The team finished the decade with a .494 winning percentage under six different managers (Davey Johnson, Bud Harrelson, Mike Cubbage, Jeff Torborg, Dallas Green and Bobby Valentine).



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